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Content marketing outperforms old-fashioned strategies

We live in a world where simply shouting about what we do makes little impact. When was the last time a TV commercial or postcard promo made you jump up and make a purchase? Today’s buyer – business or consumer – is much more sophisticated. And the mortgage and real estate industry are definitely not fueled by gimmicks such as buy-one-get-one offers.

Just like consultative sales, content marketing can build engagement and loyalty. When you provide useful content, your target market will come to associate your brand with trustworthiness and value. So whether your strategic goal is increased sales; better retention rates; more brand awareness or even customer service, content marketing is now the superior means of doing so in most industries.

When is content marketing useful?

As for the mortgage and real estate industry, content marketing will soon be the preferred approach for numerous markets:

  • Retail lender to real estate broker/agent
  • Wholesale lender to mortgage broker
  • Title insurance company to independent agents or lenders
  • Technology providers to the lending, title or realty segments
  • Warehouse lenders to correspondents
  • Law firms to just about any potential business client
  • Trade associations or government agencies to their wider constituencies

A unique content-writing firm for the financial-services industry

Content Beacon is the mortgage industry’s first resource totally dedicated to content marketing. We’re managed by experienced marketing and public relations professionals who know the industry and the content it wants to consume. Our content providers are former trade-publication and trade-association writers who know your market.

Content marketing service includes

  • A complete content program that delivers trade publication-caliber content.
  • A program that requires minimal resources, but is 100% transparent.
  • A program that sets clear metrics from day one, so you can see the results clearly.
  • A program that is much more effective and less expensive than trying to build your own content team.
  • A resource dedicated solely to content marketing. We’re not another agency dabbling in the trade because it’s trendy. We’re all about content, all the time.

We’re focused on meeting your specific needs

When you’ve decided that a full-on content program is the only way to go and that it can’t just be assigned to a specialist, that’s where Content Beacon comes in. We’ll start by visiting your offices solely to listen. What are your strategic goals? Who is your target market? What makes your product or service special? What do you want your content marketing to achieve.

From there, we’ll convene with our industry experts to craft a custom content strategy for you. We’ll find a way to bridge your business goals with what your market craves when it surfs the Internet. We’ll agree upon an editorial schedule and the form your content will take (blogs, white papers, podcasts, videos, infographics…or a combination of all!). We’ll agree upon what a successful content marketing program looks like–results and metrics. And then, we’ll get to work. You’ll get content on a regular schedule – delivered as consistently as your favorite newspaper, podcast, or blog.

We deliver results

You’ll also get transparent reporting and metrics as often as you like. Plus, you’ll be free to focus on your daily objectives knowing that Content Beacon’s got you covered on the content delivery side.

Build a following

And that doesn’t just include blogs. Content Beacon’s wordsmiths, artists, and industry insiders also promote your content. Our strategy will incorporate the best means of doing so for your success: social media, direct marketing … whatever it takes.

Start the Process

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