3 Guys & an iPad, Ep. 3

Show Notes:
Show record date: February 28, 2020

Brian Rieger
Kevin Breeland
Rick Grant

Guest: Francis X. “Trip” Riley III, Esq.

Are you kidding [Kevin]?
Milken Institute’s list of best performing cities. (link)
Clearview facial recognition database got hacked (link)
What’s ruining our corporate culture (link)

Around the Horn with Trip (08:00)
What’s the biggest regulatory issue in our industry now?
What impact could executive branch interference have?
What can the industry do about this situation?
Has our regulatory environment fundamentally changed?
What are some of the more aggressive states now?
What should people know about New Jersey?

News items discussed
Raleigh reeling in iBuyers (link)
Zillow CEO most powerful person in real estate (link)

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