3 Guys & an iPad, Ep. 6

Show Notes:
Show record date: February 27, 2020

Brian Rieger
Kevin Breeland
Rick Grant

Guest: Marx Sterbcow

Are you kidding [Kevin]?
Austin has the nation’s No. 1 job market. (link)
General Mills introduces cereal that costs $13 (link)
Are older Americans smoking more pot? (link)
Driverless cars are still not a reality (link)

Around the Horn with Marx (02:00)
-What is the biggest regulatory issue facing our industry?
-Has the CFPB become less aggressive?
-Is the industry becoming more complacent now?
-What are the most aggressive states?
-How can you defend against problems on social media?
-Will we see more social media cases go to litigation?
-Who makes the best cocktail in New Orleans that no one knows about?

News items discussed
Millennials don’t trust banks so how do we reach them? (link)
Mini mortgage refi boom continues despite Coronavirus (link)

Resources mentioned
Marx’s favorite burger in New Orleans (link)

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