3 Guys & an iPad, Ep. 7

Show Notes:
Show record date: April 3, 2020

Brian Rieger
Kevin Breeland
Rick Grant

Are you kidding [Kevin]?
Rural America watching pandemic erupt in cities (link)
When NBA decided to end the season (link)
Will we forget about the Houston Astros? (link)
US Jobless claims soar (link)
Coronavirus provides stress test for Internet (link)
State unemployment websites are crashing (link)

News items discussed
Financial tsunami threatens housing sector (link)

Top 10: Things that will break the camel’s back during YOUR Corona-quarantine.
10. LinkedIn video encouraging you to “lead your market now!”
9. Video (anywhere) showing you how to “reinvent yourself” now!
8. Video from someone who is walking outside while talking on the phone
7. Zoom conference where the newby won’t hit the mute button
6. Power breakfast that consists of a cigar and a stiff drink at 8 am
5. Email from a CEO you’ve never heard of telling you how much they care
4. COV-idiot in line at the grocery store who won’t stay 6-feet back
3. Ivy League-inspired, postgraduate-caliber Kindergarten homework
2. Article with tips for quarantine craft, dance, advanced learning or meditation
1. Just one more podcast on LinkedIn

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