3 Guys & an iPad, Ep. 8

Show Notes:
Show record date: April 14, 2020

Brian Rieger
Kevin Breeland
Rick Grant

Are you kidding [Kevin]?
What college football coaches make the most money. (link)
Nick Saban is finally using email. Is this why? (link)
Dabo Swinney gets a sweet contract. (link)
ESPN falls on hard times. (link)

News items discussed
Calabria says no bailout for the mortgage servicing industry. (link)
Calabria: No servicer liquidity facility coming. (link)
David Stevens’ comments on servicer liquidity. (link)

Marketing Matters
Are you using social media correctly?
–What has CoronaQuarantine done to content marketing?
–Some of his has been less than exciting.
–It has taught more companies to use this kind of marketing.
–It hasn’t been very focused.
–Some content demonstrates a lack of restraint.

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