3 Guys & an iPad, Episode 17

Show Notes:
Show record date: June 17, 2020

Brian Rieger
Kevin Breeland
Rick Grant

Special Guests
Alan Jewells
Joe Valenti
Justin Danilewitz

Items discussed
What is the PPP Program…exactly?
What are the primary expectations for lenders set by the federal government?
What kind of oversight is there for this program?
Will lenders have a chance to mitigate the risk of violations for this program?
How will forgiveness work for small business borrowers?
What should lenders be concerned about as we move into repayment or forgiveness?
Who will ultimately be responsible for the accuracy of the loan?
Did lenders actually make money servicing lenders with PPP loans?
Will the government be lenient with small businesses that make honest mistakes?
What role has mortgage technology played in the PPP lending process thus far?
Will this program be called a success in the long term?

Resources Mentioned
Amplify Credit Union
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
ALERT: Business Applicants for COVID-19 Funding Must Exercise Caution
ALERT: First Charges for Paycheck Protection Program Loan Fraud

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