3 Guys and an iPad, Episode 20

Show Notes:
Show record date: September 3, 2020

Brian Rieger
Kevin Breeland
Rick Grant

Special Guest
Ty Kern
Bradley Finkelstein
Phil Hall

Items Discussed
What Sun West is doing to attract loan officers and serve more borrowers
How management styles have changed for lenders during COVID
How corporate cultures are changing due to the health crisis
The changes we’ve seen in the trade publishing business over the years
The changes we’ve seen in how the industry consumes trade news
The standards good journalists use to feel good about the stories they write
Will COVID-related changes remain after the crisis is over?
Is Content Marketing a threat to publications?
Most interesting story our guests have had the opportunity to work on

Resources Mentioned
Sun West Mortgage Company
Ty Kern’s cell phone: 714-914-5507
Westchester County Business News
National Mortgage News

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  1. Hey guys, great guests and great perspective related to the ongoing challenges of why we struggle to see more value based writing in our industry – like all of you have written and contributed throughout the years. Thank you for sharing Kevin, Phil and Brad, appreciate your perspective on OLN trends – lot of truth I can see there (re-trenching). I agree, humans want to interact with humans. Thanks guys!! Please keep collaborating and educating. Thank you. Keith Pres/CEO BlackFin Group.

  2. Thanks, Keith. These guys were great guests. It was a pleasure to have them with us. Thanks for watching and for your kind comments.

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