3 Guys: Gaffney, Green & Patch

Brian, Kevin and Rick catch up with industry marketing experts Darcy Patch, Jacob Gaffney and Dan Green.

Show Notes:
Show record date: May 5, 2021

Brian Rieger
Kevin Breeland
Rick Grant

Items Discussed on this episode
04:00 — How does our industry do in terms of marketing compared to other industries?
08:55 — What could our industry be doing better in terms of our marketing?
30:45 — How do people in our industry take their strategy to the next level?
41:30 — What is “good” marketing in our industry?
42:30 — How is content marketing being accepted in the mortgage industry?
50:20 — Examples of good and bad marketing the experts have seen.
58:15 — What are the experts working on now?

Resources Mentioned
WFG Lender Services
MyHome Exchange
Gaffney Austin
Dan Green
Guaranteed Rate Affinity — Kevin Breeland

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