“Content marketing is educational but is not about the products the company sells. The vendor offers such good information that you become loyal to the brand.” Michele Linn, Content Marketing Institute, July 30, 2017


We think of content marketing as the counterpart of consultative or relationship-based sales.  It doesn’t start the proverbial conversation with a jingle or an outline of your product’s features–just as your sales people don’t introduce themselves to prospects by sharing your pricing in the first conversation!  When brands generate good content (blogs, videos, podcasts, white papers, infographics, etc.) that’s useful and valuable to their prospects, those prospects naturally gravitate to the brand when the time comes to buy.   In short, content marketing is the virtual relationship-builder of today’s mortgage and real estate industry.


But content marketing isn’t something to be assigned to an intern.  It’s not a part-time job. Good content takes time and research. It takes quality AND quantity.  Experience with our industry and content production is vital. Your content has to be refreshed constantly. And then, people need to be made aware of it via social media and direct marketing. This is not a task to hand-off to your SVP of sales.  And most marketing agencies won’t take the time to do it right without charging a king’s ransom. It takes a focused, dedicated team.


If you’d like to see a few real world case studies, have a look at these: https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2018/02/case-studies-marketing/


What content marketing is NOT:


  1. Overtly self promotional.  It is not advertising or direct marketing.
  2. A story about its own author. Not unless the author has a damn good story with a point to which all can relate.
  3. A feature/benefit collateral piece thinly disguised as marketing.
  4. A one-off, instant results tactic.